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Magic and Mystics to feature heavily at Aspire All-Star Tournament

Congratulations to Manchester Magic and Mystics players selected to represent the North at the second annual Aspire All-Star National Tournament at the National Basketball Performance Centre next weekend (8th-9th July).

Manchester Mystics players selected:

Sophie Brittain, Akeala Daniel-Small and Mojan Malek (U13 Girls, coached by Mystics’ Natalie Feurtado), Isabelle Aldcroft, Wayet Gore, Paige Jagger, Sonia Maria Matei, Irene Oboavwoduo, Jane Oboavwoduo, Tiana Walker and Anya Williams (U15 Girls).

Manchester Magic players selected:

Ben Ashraf, Oluwatimileyin Babalola, Ege Cakmakkaya, Dylan Deans, Owen Iguma, Reiley McGlade, Theo Westwood (U13 Boys), David Akhidime, Harley Blake, Rufus Everatt, Dominic Goodwin, Camran Hanson, Jack Odongo and Ayomikum Olofintila (U15 Boys)


Saturday 8th July


Court 1 U15 Girls North 61-43 London

Court 4 U13 Girls North 47-35 London


Court 2 U15 Boys North 60-75 London

Court 3 U13 Boys North 33-69 London


Court 1 U15 Girls North 37-55 Central

Court 4 U13 Girls North 49-39 Central


Court 3 U15 Boys North 72-40 Central

Court 4 U13 Boys North 67-49 Central


Court 2 U15 Girls North 58-38 South

Court 4 U13 Girls North 30-47 South


Court 1 U13 Boys North 52-69 South

Court 2 U15 Boys North 64-67 South

Sunday 9 July


Court 2 U15 Girls Final Central 63-72 North

Mystics’ Irene Oboavwoduo was MVP, Sonia Matei won the shooting point contest, plus Irene Oboavwoduo and Anya Williams made the All-Star 5.

Court 4 U13 Girls Final South 63-40 North

Mystics’ Mojan Malek made the All-Star 5.


Court 2 U15 Boys Third Place North 85-47 Central

Court 4 U13 Boys Third Place North 69-60 Central

Magic’s Ege Cakmakkaya made the All-Star 5.

All players receive two tickets each for spectators. Entry for all others is £3 (£1 concessions) per day and can be purchased using the button below.