Graham Williams Challenge

Graham Williams Tournament

Graham Williams

Graham is a Founder Member of our Club, alongside Joe and Maggie Forber. We started the Club in late 1996 and began to compete in National League basketball in season 1997-98.

I wanted to have Graham alongside me at the beginning as I knew him well and really respected the way he was able to get the best out of his players with his positive, encouraging coaching.

It became evident quickly that he was ideal to be at the forefront of coaching at our Club. Initially, he was a volunteer, but later left his teaching role at Burnage High School to become a full-time employee with the main responsibility of National League coaching on the boys’ side.

People in basketball who go back a while will know that, at the top level of Age Group National League basketball, he was immensely successful, mainly coaching the older boys’ teams. The banners at the Centre will testify to his magnificent successes.

Being the modest man he is, he had to be persuaded to put his name to this Challenge day but Penny, his wife, and I, eventually prevailed and he finally accepted our invitation to call it the Graham Williams Challenge. We hope it may become a much bigger tournament run on an annual basis.

Graham will be in to present the trophy and we look forward to seeing him at the event.

Graham Williams Tournament Results 2023

28th December
Trafford 60-76Manchester Giants10:30am
St. Helens Saints96-52City of Edinburgh10:30am
Magic 77-54St. Helens Saints12:30pm
City of Birmingham Rockets71-80Manchester Giants12:30pm
3 Point Contest2:30pm
Trafford73-67*City of Birmingham Rockets3:30pm
Magic100-62City of Edinburgh3:30pm
29th December
Trafford W-LCity of Edinburgh 10:00am (A)
St Helens Saints 20-0City of Birmingham Rockets 10:00am (B)
MagicW-LTrafford12:30pm (C)
Manchester Giants L-WSt Helens Saints12:30pm (D)
Dunk Contest2:30pm
City of Edinburgh25-40Trafford3:00pm 3rd/5th
City of Edinburgh12-51Manchester Giants4:00pm 3rd/5th
Trafford46-39Manchester Giants5:00pm 3rd/5th
Magic66-58St. Helens Saints6:00pm Final

The Graham Williams Challenge Results 2022

Thursday 29th December
Manchester Magic U1673-48Manchester Giants10:00am
City of Birmingham Rockets82-64Manchester Giants12:30pm
Manchester Magic U1681-58City of Birmingham Rockets3:00pm

Manchester Magic Champions, City of Birmingham Rockets 2nd, Manchester Giants 3rd.