Haris Tournament Champions 2019 - Myerscough College


Haris Charalambous

The Haris Memorial Tournament takes place at the end of the year and is held to remember Haris Charalambous, one of the top players to come out of the Magic programme.

Haris died suddenly while training with his NCAA Division 1 Toledo University team in October 2006.

He showed all the qualities we desire in a Manchester player, both on and off the floor.

His mother, Polly, and his sister, Elena, always attend the tournament to watch the action and present the trophies. Sadly, his father, Kypros, also died in July 2010.

The club would like to thank Manchester City Council for their support in hosting this amazing event, which regularly attracts teams from around the world.

Tournament History

Haris Memorial Tournament 2019


Myerscough College

Daniel Whelan MVP Award:

Myerscough College’s Franklin Agu

All-Star 5:

Manchester Magic’s Josh Grant, Myerscough College’s Amari Williams, Canarias Basketball Academy’s Zion Brown Alvarez, Global Squad’s Angelo Santiago and Elite Academy’s Max Gysbrechts

Haris Tournament 2019 Coach of the Tournament Alex Sarama

Kornel Tober Coach Award:

Elite Academy Antwerp’s Alex Sarama

Haris Tournament 2019 Brian Dobson Club Service Award Jan and David Williams

Brian Dobson Club Service Award:

Jan and David Williams

Photos from days 1 and 2 here

Photos from day 3 and presentations here

Final Placings:

1 Myerscough College

2 Global Squad

3 Canarias Baketball Academy

4 Manchester Magic

5 Charnwood College Riders

6 Elite Academy Antwerp

7 North Atlantic Basketball Academy

7 Harlemlakers


Pool APool B
Canarias Basketball Academy (Spain)Global Squad (USA)
Myerscough College (UK)Elite Academy Antwerp (Belgium)
North Atlantic Basketball Academy (Ireland)Charnwood College Riders (UK)
Harlemlakers Amsterdam (Netherlands)Manchester Magic (UK)
Friday 27th December
3:00pmManchester All-Star Game
C1 G1Canarias Basketball Academy77-60Harlemlakers Amsterdam
Top Scorers:C.B.A: Zion Brown Alvarez 34 points, Dario Montesdeoca Santana 12, Rares Florin Badea 9.Harlemlakers: Jaro Abrams 27 points, Tommy Dalderup 11, Timo Slond 10.
C3 G2Myerscough College84-64North Atlantic Basketball Academy
Top Scorers:Myerscough: Franklin Agu 25 points, Great Osobor 15, Amari Williams 11.N.A.B.A: Sam Alajiki 15 points, ND Okafor 12, Dimitar Genov 11, Jake Verschoyle 11. 
C1 G3Global Squad63-59Manchester Magic
Top Scorers:Global Squad: Angelo Santiago 16 points Carlos Nos 11 Tobias Olsen 8.Magic: Josh Grant 22 points Jason Ani 11 Saul May 6 Malachi Boakye-Yiadom 6.
C3 G4Charnwood College Riders66-50Elite Academy Antwerp
Top Scorers:Charnwood: Victor Ndoukou 20 points Kani Gudza 10 Nathan Conaty 8 Moyo Banwo 8.Elite Academy: Max Gysbrechts 14 points Yanek Celzo 9 Osahon Obasohan 9
Saturday 28th December
C1 G5Canarias Basketball Academy91-74North Atlantic Basketball Academy
Top Scorers:C.B.A: Zion Brown Alvarez 27 Iñigo Mayorga Barba 18 Dario Montesdeoca Santana 17 Ruben Gonzalez Diaz 17N.A.B.A: Sam Alajiki 30 ND Okafor 22 Dimitar Genov 12
C3 G6Myerscough College96-46Harlemlakers Amsterdam
Top Scorers:Myerscough: Bryan Akanmu 29 Joe Heyes 12 Great Osobor 12Harlemlakers: Jaro Abrams 14 Tommy Dalderup 9 Noel Vreugdehil 8
C1 G7Charnwood College Riders52-62Manchester Magic
Top Scorers:Charnwood: Kai Bradburn Lewis 14 Kanu Gudza 8 Nathan Conaty 7Magic: Mo Shegow 13 Jason Ani 10 Josh Grant 9 Saul May 9
C3 G8Global Squad117-66Elite Academy Antwerp
Top Scorers:Global Squad: Angelo Santiago 22 Edvin Larsson 17 Cameron Wilson 16 Jahmar White 15Elite Academy: Osahon Obasohan 11 Yanek Celzo 10 Lex Van Den Bergh 10
3:00pm3 Point Shooting Contest
C1 G9Canarias Basketball Academy39-91Myerscough College
Top Scorers:Canarias: Zion Brown Alvarez 14 Iñigo Mayorga Barba 10 Daniel Morera Alonso 5Myerscough: Franklin Agu 18 Amari Williams 17 Ridley Shema 12
C3 G10Harlemlakers Amsterdam77-83North Atlantic Basketball Academy
Top Scorers:Harlemlakers: Jaro Abrams 37 Tommy Dalderup 15 Ilian James 9N.A.B.A: Sam Alajiki 25 Dimitar Genov 16 Jake Verschoyle 14
C1 G11Elite Academy Antwerp64-82Manchester Magic
Top Scorers:Elite Acadmey: Max Gysbrechts 18 Vic De Wilde 11 Lukas Verhoeven 10Magic: Josh Grant 16 Jason Ani 10 Mo Shegow 10
C3 G12Global Squad92-68Charnwood College Riders
Top Scorers:Global Squad: Carlos Nos 19 Angelo Santiago 17 Tobias Olsen 15Charnwood: Kai Bradburn Lewis 17 Giovanni Emejuru 12 Nathan Conaty 10
Sunday 29th December
C1 G13North Atlantic Basketball Academy94-114Elite Academy
Top Scorers:North Atlantic: Dimitar Genov 41 Sam Alajiki 22 ND Okafor 16Elite Academy: Max Gysbrechts 38 (9 3s) Vic De Wilde 24 Osahon Obasohan 19
C3 G14Charnwood93-73HarlemLakers Amsterdam
Top Scorers:Charnwood: Simeon Perry 19 Louie Jordan 18 Kanu Gudza 16Harlemlakers: Jaro Abrams 20 Tommy Dalderup 18 Luka Divkovic 10 Cas Van Der Putten 10
C1 G15Myerscough College72-54Magic
Top Scorers:Myerscough: Franklin Agu 20 Great Osobor 19 Amari Williams 17Magic: Jason Ani 14 Josh Grant 7 Saul May 7 Luke Gordos 7
C3 G16Global Squad109-100*Canarias Basketball Academy
Top Scorers:Global Squad: Angelo Santiago 31 Carlos Nos 23 Edvin Larsson 21 Kedrick Stockman 16Canarias: Zion Brown Alvarez 32 Iñigo Mayorga Barba 29 Dorian Rodriguez Urdaneta 9
C1 G17 5th-6thElite Academy84-85*Charnwood
Top Scorers:Elite Academy: Max Gysbrechts 24 Vic De Wilde 18 Osahon Obasohan 14Charnwood: Kanu Gudza 23 Victor Ndoukou 19 Giovanni Emejuru 13
C3 G18 7th-8thNorth Atlantic Basketball AcademyVOIDHarlemlakers Amsterdam
Top Scorers:
C1 G19 3rd-4thMagic61-64Canarias Basketball Academy
Top Scorers:Magic: Elgin Govan 13 Noah Togo 9 Ty Jordan 8 Noah Tchifounga 8Canarias: Iñigo Mayorga Barba 20 Zion Brown Alvarez 19 Ruben Gonzalez Diaz 10
C1 G20 FinalMyerscough98-72Global Squad
Top Scorers:Myerscough: Amari Williams 26 Franklin Agu 24 Great Osobor 19Global Squad: Jahmar White 20 Angelo Santiago 15 Tobias Olsen 10 Kedrick Stockman 10

‘C’ denotes court, ‘G’ denote game number * denotes overtime