Club Charter

We expect players, parents and coaches to represent the club with pride, respect and sportsmanship.


  • Give total and absolute effort to the team at all times – in games, practices and supporting from the bench.
  • Show respect towards team-mates, coaches, referees and opposition players.
  • Conduct yourself in a respectful manner at all times and never do anything, on or off the floor, to bring discredit to the club.
  • Appreciate that it is a privilege to be able to use Manchester Basketball Centre. It should never be taken for granted.


  • Encourage the youngsters to give their very best at all times, play by the rules and never to cheat to gain an advantage.
  • Refrain from adverse criticism of the players, the team and the coach. It rarely has a positive effect and can do significant damage.
  • Appreciate that, in the main, coaches are volunteers and put a tremendous amount of time into the development of the players and the team.
  • Be willing to volunteer for the many tasks required to enable the club to function in an efficient and professional way.
  • Show respect for referees and table officials, upholding and maintaining the good reputation of the club.


  • Be responsible for your own behaviour and that of the team, being professional and disciplined at all times.
  • Lead by example and ensure that all team members play by the rules and respect the rights of others.
  • Realise that improving the basketball skills of the players is secondary to the development of values and disciplines that will serve them for life.
  • Ensure decisions put the interests of the youngsters first at all times.
  • Be honest with the players at all times.
  • Give players a fair and equal opportunity to find a role within the team.
  • Never place winning over the safety and welfare of the players.
  • Demonstrate your values and principles because good values attract good people.
  • Form a relationship with parents that is mutually beneficial and from which the players can only benefit.
  • Remember that school and family responsibilities should be respected.
  • Make every team member feel valued.
  • Avoid harsh, public criticism of the players because it rarely helps.