Haris Tournament Champions 2019 - Myerscough College



Haris Tournament 2013 Winners

England U18

Final Table 2013

1 England U18

2 Manchester Magic U18

3 Baskets Akademie Weser – EMS

4 CB Cornella

5 England U17

6 Sligo All-Stars

7 Manchester Magic U16

8 CBSZ Basketball Academy Zurich Wildcats

Daniel Whelan MVP: Joshua Steel (England U18)

Kornel Tober Coach Award: Karl Brown (England U18)

All Star 5: Pharroh Gordon (Magic U18), Damia Paez (CB Cornella), Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye (England U18), Deane Williams (England U18), Keno Pape (Akademie Weser)

Brian Dobson Club Service Award: Aline Macready


Pool A Pool B
Akademie Weser (Germany) CB Cornella (Spain)
CBSZ Basketball Academy Zurich Wildcats Sligo All Stars (Ireland)
England U18 England U17
Manchester Magic U16 Manchester Magic U18

Tournament Schedule

Friday 27th December 2013
G1 C1England U18114-32Zurich
Top Scorers
G2 C3Magic U1644-89Weser
Top Scorers
G3 C1Magic U1870-68England U17
Top Scorers
G4 C3CB Cornella96-57Sligo
Top Scorers
Saturday 28th December 2013
G5 C1Zurich29–90Weser
Top Scorers
G6 C3Magic U1630-91England U18
Top Scorers
G7 C1Magic U18100-38Sligo
Top Scorers
G8 C3CB Cornella80-50England U17
Top Scorers
G9 C1England U1879-66Weser
Top Scorers
G10 C3Magic U1672-63Zurich
Top Scorers
G11 C1Magic U1871-45CB Cornella
Top Scorers
G12 C3England U1786-51Sligo
Top Scorers
Sunday 29th December 2013
G13 C1England U17114-31Zurich
Top Scorers
G14 C3Magic U1656-65Sligo
Top Scorers
G15 C1England U1868-54CB Cornella
Top Scorers
G16 C3Magic U1870-58Weser
Top Scorers
G17 C1 5th-6thEngland U1769-45Sligo
Top Scorers
G18 C3 7th-8thZurich62-100Magic U16
Top Scorers
G19 C3 3rd-4thCornella62-77Weser
Top Scorers
G20 C1 1st-2ndEngland U1858-47Magic U18
Top Scorers

Daniel Whelan MVP Award

Joshua Steel (England U18)

All Star Five

From Left: Damia Paez (CB Cornella), Keno Pape (Baskets Akademie Weser – EMS), Pharroh Gordon (Magic U18), Deane Williams (England U18) and Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye (England U18)

Kornel Tober Coach Award:

Karl Brown (England U18) with Joe Forber

Brian Dobson Service Award:

Aline Macready

Photos courtesy of John McGibbon

Tournament Stats, Resutls and Tables are available click here to go to the Tournament page on the Sporting Pulse website.

The Club would like to thank all the competing teams, staff, volunteers, parents and fans for making this year’s tournament such a great success.

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