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Paraskeva takes on Director of Basketball role

Peter Paraskeva has been appointed as the new Director of Basketball for the Manchester Magic and Manchester Mystics.

The move is designed to ensure both programmes are closely aligned in terms of standards, philosophy and coaching matters.

“I’m really excited at the prospect of tackling this new role,” said Paraskeva, a former Magic junior who earned international honours with England.

“Our club has had an extremely successful season and it’s important we continue to improve on our coaching delivery and nurturing of our young athletes.

“This is all made possible with the amazing group of passionate and dedicated volunteers that make the club what it is.

”The club is continuing its search for a new Head of Mystics.

The successful candidate will have responsibility for the entire girls’ programme, including the WEABL squad.The Magic and Mystics have enjoyed a great deal of success in 2021/22.

After winning the NBL U18 Men’s National Cup in February, they went on to qualify five teams for the NBL Junior Final Fours at the end of April.All five made their respective finals, with the U14 Mystics, the U16 Mystics and the U16 Magic all emerging as national champions.

To add to this success, Magic’s senior team won promotion to NBL Division One and claimed victory in the NBL Division Two Playoff Final at Belle Vue.

The Mystics senior team also enjoyed a season to remember, reaching the NBL Division Two Playoff Final in their first season back.

A significant number of juniors have also earned international honours with England and Wales, at U14, U15, U16 and U18 level.

A number of former Magic and Mystics juniors have also won silverware in the BBL and WBBL.