Manchester Mystics

Mystics U14s see off Stockport Lapwings and Hatfield Fliers

Mystics U14 team’s start to the new season has so far been as comfortable as anything comfortable. (I couldn’t think of an amusing example!) Our second game at home to Stockport turned out to be so similar to the first one at Bury that I doubt if anyone has seen those 2 teams in the same room at the same time! We proved to be too powerful and too quick for the younger, smaller Stockport side and found as many ways to score as there are types of coffee despite not pressing and concentrating on our outside game in the second half. Our girls showed great discipline and maturity for an under 14 side while our opponents, who will be a force to be reckoned with next season, left feeling as though they had contributed to a game played in excellent spirit. We left with a 129-16 win achieved by first-class team work but knowing that we would face tougher tasks in future. 


Our third fixture saw us travel abroad to Yorkshire which they believe to be God’s country. This is only partially true. God did create Yorkshire but then realised he could do better so he made Lancashire! Our opponents were Hatfield who I knew would as be well coached and well organised as they always are. They were. Both teams went into the game unbeaten but it soon became obvious that we had the upper hand due to some breathtaking pin-point passing which was so impressive that it almost made my pacemaker blow a fuse! Hatfield wisely tried to slow the game down and it would seem that time goes more slowly in Rotherham because the 24-second shot clock seems to last twice as long! Even so, we still managed to rack up 33 points in the first 10 minutes but did find ourselves in foul trouble due to a liking for reaching in when going for steals. (We wouldn’t make good pick-pockets!)

We were less productive across the second and third quarters, partly due to more determined defence from spirited opponents but mainly because we opted to over-dribble rather than give the ball up early. We nevertheless maintained our supremacy by playing impressive team defence, with less unnecessary fouling, which nullified most of what Hatfield threw at us. (We also ducked very well!) The fourth quarter saw us back to our best, showing variety in our scoring thanks to improved ball and player movement and some excellent outside shooting. The 72-28 victory was again achieved without a hint of a press and bodes well for the rest of the season for a deep squad of talented youngsters who all seem keen to buy into our 2 main objectives- improvement and enjoyment which will be achieved if everyone continues to put in maximum effort and listen and learn. 

Thanks to all for their support, especially James and Sammy. Next up is Leeds at home on Saturday 1:00pm. All support welcome.

Jim Carnegie