Manchester Mystics U12 2019

Mystics U12 win silver in Girls Northern Basketball League Cup Play-off

After an excellent U12 Girls Northern League season in which Sheffield and Manchester tied for first place in the League, we held our Play-offs on Sunday 7 April at All Saints in Sheffield.

There were 2 different Play-offs, one for the Cup competition and one for the Plate competition.

Cup Results

There was very little to choose between Sheffield, Northants and Manchester, with Sheffield being able to finish the last few minutes a little stronger than the other teams.  Congratulations to Sheffield.  

Manchester Mystics 32 – 42 Sheffield Hatters

Manchester Mystics 51 – 39 Northants Lightning

Sheffield Hatters 47 – 45 Northants Lightning

Plate Results

Derby Trailblazers 70 – 20 City of Leeds

Derby Trailblazers 42 – 24 Lancashire Spinners

City of Leeds 4 – 53 Lancashire Spinners

Despite the Leeds team being the youngest team present, they acquitted themselves very well and their time is yet to come.

60 – 70 Under 12 girls enjoyed a great day, supported by a large crowd of parents and friends. Each player received a medal and T-shirt to commemorate the day.  All games were played in excellent spirit and it was a memorable day to finish the season.

The League and Play-offs were sponsored by Greater Manchester Sport and sincere thanks to them for their support.