Manchester Mystics

Mystics hosted successful Under 12s Tournament

The Manchester Mystics U12s held a four team tournament on Sunday afternoon at the Amaechi Basketball Centre. There were two Mystics teams and a team from Sheffield and a team from Northants taking part.

Due to a visiting team pulling out of the tournament, the Mystics were split into two equal ability teams of seven players, Manchester Blue (Daisy who missed the first game, Elizandra, Ciara, Maisie, Rae, Ruby, Paige and Ferne) and Manchester Red (Emily, Carina, Izzy, Bella, Maria and Kady).

Despite this the players had some great performances and showed tremendous spirit and their commitment was outstanding.

Teams played four 7 minute quarters, with a five minute half time, with stopping clock and one time out per half per team, otherwise normal basketball rules applied.



Court 1: Manchester Blue 42-35 Northants

Court 2: Manchester Red 36-21 Sheffield


Court 1: Manchester Blue 41-30 Sheffield

Court 2: Manchester Red 41-27 Northants


Court 1: Manchester Blue 31-30 Manchester Red

Court 2: Sheffield 20-19 Northants

We would like to thank both Sheffield and Northants for participating in the tournament.

Many thanks to all the parents for their support with table duties, preparing food for the visiting teams and taking care of kit.