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Magic and Mystics Coaches for 2022/23

The Manchester Magic and Mystics are delighted to announce our National League coaches for the 2022-23 season. 

Manchester Magic U12/U14 3 – Head Coach Marc Jagger, Assisted by Sergio Lara-Bercial, Paul Middleton, Ambokile Bell and Andrew Vourliotis. 

Manchester Magic U14 2 – Head Coach Jason Parr Hilton, Assisted by Ed Bradley 

Manchester Magic U14/U16 2 – Head Coach Tom Paraskeva, Assisted by Adeleke Osinaike, Jason Parr-Hilton and Gareth Westwood. 

Trafford Magic U16 – Head Coach Mark Hamilton, Assisted by Tom Paraskeva 

Manchester Magic U16/ U18 Trafford – Head Coach Adam Morris, Assisted by Andrew Lang 

Manchester Magic U18/ Division 1 Men – Head Coach Peter Paraskeva, Assisted by Joshua Perkins, Will Brown, AdelekeOsinaike & Sergio Lara-Bercial 

Manchester Mystics U12 – Head Coach Rehana Khalil 

Manchester Mystics U14 1– Head Coaches Joe Andrew, Assisted by Holly Bryan, Natalie Fuertado. 

Manchester Mystics U14 2 – Head Coach Jim Carnegie, Assisted by James Carnegie

Manchester Mystics U14 3 – Head Coach Steve Keary, Assisted by Phil Matthews and Adam Masters.

Manchester Mystics U16 1 – Head Coaches Robert Fairely and Hannah Alty.

Manchester Mystics U16 2 – Head Coach Natalie Fuertado, Assisted by Joe Andrew and Marc Jagger. 

Manchester Mystics U18 1 / 2 – Head Coaches Robert Fairely and Hannah Alty.

Manchester Mystics Div 2 Women – Coaches to be confirmed.  

Two key signings for junior coaching programme

Two key signings for junior coaching programme

The Manchester Magic and Manchester Mystics have made two key coaching appointments as they continue to revamp their junior academy programme.

Marc Illescas Corbi and Adeleke Osinaike will join the existing staff now being led by Paul Cantwell.

Marc, 25, is a Level 3 coach from Spain who has worked at all age levels, from U10s right through to Seniors. His most recent position was with top Spanish club Fuenlabrada, where he was head coach of the U18 men’s team.

Adeleke, 21, is a Level 2 coach from Manchester, who has just returned to the city after completing a degree in Neuroscience at Middlesex University.

Both are fantastic additions to the community programme as we look to provide more top-quality opportunities for boys and girls across Manchester.