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Keep Your Head Right

We are all excited that the National League Season will start soon. Basketball is the game we all love. Coaches, players, parents, physiotherapists, strength and conditioning specialists, team followers and managers spend hours in training sessions, games and on the road pursuing The Excellence of victory. However, all cannot be achieved unless we provide a safe environment for our athletes.

Concussion in sport, especially in basketball, is a common and serious injury that can affect any athlete. It must be recognised and the player must be removed when signs and potential symptoms of concussion are observed in practice sessions or games.

What is Concussion?

–          Concussion is defined as a complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by biomechanical forces.

–          Concussion is a brain injury caused by either direct or indirect forces to the head.

–          Concussion typically results in the rapid onset of short-lived impairment of brain function.

–          Loss of consciousness is NOT a requirement to diagnose concussion.

Visible signs/ what you see (Signs that coaches, patents and all involved see in players):

• Dazed, blank or vacant look

• Lying motionless on ground / Slow to get up

• Unsteady on feet / Balance problems or falling over / unco-ordination

• Loss of consciousness or responsiveness

• Confused / not aware of plays or events

• Grabbing / clutching of head

• Convulsion (seizure)

• More emotional / Irritable

What you feel (Players)

• Headache • Dizziness • Mental clouding, confusion, or feeling slowed down • Visual problems • Nausea or vomiting • Fatigue • Drowsiness / Feeling like “in a fog“/ difficulty concentrating• “Pressure in head” • Sensitivity to light or noise

Questions to ask:

Failure to answer any of these questions correctly may suggest a concussion:

• “What venue are we at today?”

• “Which half is it now?”

• “Who scored last in this game?”

• “What team did you play last week / game?”

• “Did your team win the last game?”

If a player has signs or symptoms of a possible concussion that player must be:


Your club physiotherapists are following GB basketball guidelines in concussion assessment, management and will guide you towards the correct direction. If they are around at the time of injury, notify them immediately and if they are not available the player must be taken to hospital for the check-up.

Take the concussion seriously, Keep Your Head Right and always remember the 6 Rs in concussion care:

Recognise – Remove – Refer – Rest – Recover – Return.

Ali Barvareh

Manchester Magic Basketball Physiotherapist

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