Michael Anumber Winthrop

Anumba ready to woo Winthrop

Micheal Anumba is the latest player off the Manchester Magic and Loreto Basketball Academy production line to make it to the United States.

The 18-year-old point guard has received a full scholarship to attend Winthrop University, a NCAA Division One college in South Carolina.

We asked him why he chose the Eagles….

MA: “Because of the education and the basketball. Both are very good. I was very impressed with the coach when I went out to visit, too. I love his passion and how hard he works. The facilities are also amazing. The court is just beautiful.”

Why did Winthrop choose you?

MA: “The coach said I’ve got ABC. I’ve got academics, basketball and character. He said I was the perfect player to fit into the Winthrop programme.”

What else did you like about Winthrop?

MA: “I loved how much they wanted me and how much work they put into recruiting. They have other players from all around the world and it felt like one big family. It’s also sunny and hot. When I went out there earlier in the year, it was 20 degrees.”

What are you expecting in your first year?

MA: “I’m going to work hard and earn everyone’s respect. I want to make the team better and become part of the Winthrop family. It’s an experience I’m really looking forward to.”

How has playing for Magic and Loreto prepared you?

MA: “Being coached by Paul (Middleton) and Pete (Paraskeva) has shaped me as a player and as a person. I want to thank them, Magic and Loreto for the opportunities they have given me and for making me the player I am. They have made me a leader and I want to be able to continue my development when I get to Winthrop.”

What will you be studying?

MA: “Accounting and finance.”

What will you miss most about Manchester?

MA: “Definitely not the weather. I’ll miss how much people care about me.”

Winthrop announced Michael’s signing on their twitter account