Magic's Luke Gordos MVP debut 2018-19

16 year old Gordos put in MVP performance on senior debut

Manchester Magic Junior Luke Gordos was voted game MVP by the fans on twitter after impressing during pre-season friendly against USA Select on Tuesday evening at the Manchester Basketball Centre.

The 16 year old joined the senior team practises this off-season off the back of an impressive display for Wales U16s at the FIBA Division C European Championships this summer. Gordos lead Wales all the way to the final, where they came undone by Andorra to finish with the silver medal.

We spoke to Luke about his performance against USA Select and to get his thoughts on joining up with the senior team, here’s what he had to say.

Luke, Congratulations for being voted the first MVP of the season. What are your thoughts about the game?

“It was tough to lose such a close game to USA Select. They are a tough team with [NCAA] Division One players and athletes so it is very good preparations for the season.

“Although we lost, I think our team played with heart and intensity and we are looking a lot better than we were at the start of the off season.

“We had some very good contributions from players like Kaphel [Ulett-Waul] and Kayin [Darbey] and I think this team has a lot of potential for the upcoming season and we are only getting stronger.”

You have just turned 16 years old, how are you finding it playing/training with/against senior players who are much bigger and stronger?

“To practice and play for the Division One Men is an honour, and I think the other juniors would say the same.

“It has been tough at times but I am now gaining more confidence in practises and games and I know in the long term it is very beneficial for my development.”

How will that help your development?

“I think that playing for the Division One Men is very beneficial towards my development.

“It is helping me learn the game from the seniors and I love getting as much information as possible from them.

“It is helping me learn the style of play, when to do things and when not to do things which will only speed up my development as it is a much more physically demanding and mentally demanding game of basketball.”

Coach Ollie (Aurimas Verbukas) commented, “Luke is a great character and hard working young men. His work ethic is something that all should use as an example.

“There is a lot of room for improvement, but he is moving in the right direction.

“He is pure point guard with a pass-first mentality, he has great potential to become a very good player if he continues to improve and learn from his older and more experienced team-mates.”

The Magic continue their pre-season preparations with two away games this weekend with a trip to Division two side, Liverpool on Saturday (at 5:30pm) and part one of the battle of Manchester as the Magic face the Giants at the Trafford PowerLeague Arena on Sunday (at 5:00pm).

And don’t forget the Magic face the Giants at home on Tuesday 18th September at 8:00pm for part two of the battle of Manchester.